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 Public Distribution System and its Impact on Food Security: A Study of Karnataka State

 Title of Book: Public Distribution System and its Impact on Food Security: A Study of Karnataka State
 Author: Dr. T.M. Mahesh and Dr. S. Yashoda
 Publisher: Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd.
 ISBN: 978-81-934178-0-5
 Price: INR 600/-

Brief Introduction of Book
This book is about Public Distribution System (PDS) and its impact on food security in Karnataka State of India. Food security has been major concerns of Government of India and many states in India. The book is written by eminent former professor from Institute of Development Studies, University of Mysore, Karnataka- Dr TM Mahesh and Dr S. Yashoda (Associate Professor, Dept. of Studies in Sociology, University of Mysore, Karnataka).
Government of India has initiated various schemes to tackle food security issues and food supply to every section of society. Many major steps have been taken by some state government in India. The National Food Security Act (NFSA) is one of the major achievements of Government of India which has been implemented in all States and Union Territories to supply subsidised foodgrains.

This book is an attempt to address various issues of Public Distribution System (PDS) and its impact on food security in Karnataka State of India. The book (ISBN: 978-81-934178-0-5) is published by Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara, Gujarat based publisher registered by Government of India.

The author has conducted empirical study to evaluate the Anna Bhgya Yojana of the state by collecting both the secondary and primary sources of information. As per the division of the Food Zones in the state, there are five Food Zones or Districts, of which, one district from each Food Zone/ district has been selected for study: Mysuru, Chitradurga, Dharwad, Kalburagi (Gulbarga), and Kolar districts. The primary data collected by employing pre-tested questionnaires to the beneficiaries based on multistage random sampling of five districts, out of the 30 districts in the state. In the second stage, two taluks from each district and two gram panchayats from each taluk has been selected. One fair price shop has been selected from each gram panchayat for collecting information based on stratified random sampling from 50 beneficiaries. Based on this sampling procedure, information has been collected on an average from 150 beneficiaries in each district of the Food Zones selected for questionnaire surveys. Further, the information has also been collected both from the officials of the Food and Civil Supplies Department and managers of the fair price / ration shops.

The study adopted interdisciplinary approach which provides more insights into the different dimensions of socio-economic status of the beneficiaries of the public distribution system. Further, from the inception of Anna Bhagya Yojana is not a Socio-economic feasibility; it would not supplement the Nutritional value of the BPL families and there is also negative impact on agricultural production and productivity. There are also of the opinions that Anna Bhagya Yojana has become a futile exercise in Karnataka State. However, in spite of flaws in the system, the scheme is pro-poor and initiated with the noble cause of eradication of malnutrition and ensure food security for poorest of the poor families in Karnataka State.

The study suggests remedial measures to improve the working of the PDS based mainly on the beneficiaries’ opinions and perceptions rather than on the collective perspectives and insights from the beneficiaries, the government officials and others involved in procurement, storage, processing, transport and sales.  The study also highlighted both the negative and positive aspects of the PDS scheme, as objectively as possible. Further, the study attempts to make a fair analysis of the ground situation and to recommend the feasible policy interventions to overcome the loopholes in the system.


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