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Galore Knowledge Publication Private Limited offers thesis publication services through International Journal of Research & Review (IJRR) to all the research scholars and researchers worldwide in all the fields of research. We publish thesis/dissertation of all levels e.g. Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral level. This is a platform where researchers can share their knowledge and expertise in respective fields. Thesis/Dissertation may be published as Thesis Abstract and full Thesis.

Benefits of Thesis Publication

  • Wider visibility of your hard work all over the world.
  • Wider availability and accessibility of your thesis/thesis abstract in several renowned research database/directory, repository and international libraries.
  • Your work will be referred by new researchers/research scholars.
  • Online publication may be accessed anywhere in the world through internet.
  • Authors should read instructions carefully before submitting their Thesis, Dissertation, Abstract etc.
  • The submission must be original work of author and free from any kind of plagiarism issue.
  • The original work must be submitted as a single MS Word file by email. No need to send hard copy by post/courier.
  • Authors must sign Copyright Form at the time of submission. Duly signed Copyright Form is mandatory for publication.
  • Click Here to download Copyright Form.
  • The soft copy of submitted material will not be returned in any case whether accepted or rejected.
  • No correction or modification will be allowed after publication.
  • Please send your manuscript in single MS word file at Email: OR

Submission of Manuscript:
For manuscript submission, please mail us at following email ID:

Our Journals

International Journal of Research and Review
International Hournal of Science and Healthcare Research
Galore International Hournal of Applied Sciences and Humanities

Published Thesis

Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ghana.

Caesar K. Simpson

Swiss Management Center University, Switzerland

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