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Recovery of Heat and Materials- Reviews

Economical and cost effective operations in chemical industry increase the viability of the processes. The book contains important reviews by the author on some economical, recovery, regeneration aspects in chemical industries. First chapter explains basics of economics. The gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the primary indicators used to measure the condition of a country's economy. It can be estimated by three methods namely output method, input method and expenditure method

Third chapter is about catalyst and its recovery. Reduction in corrosion can lead to lot of savings. Many accidents occur because of failure of pipelines due to corrosion. There are many methods to minimize corrosion. Cathodicprotection, use of inhibitors, use of anticorrosive coatings is few methods used for this purpose. The presence of moisture in the atmosphere favours the corrosion. Various investigators have carried out research on various aspects of corrosion. Humidity and temperature are two important parameters in addition to metal properties and chemicals involved in the process. Use of green inhibitors is new trend in corrosion control. These aspects are explained in fourth chapter. One of the important process activity in chemical engineering is the concentration of the liquor. This is required in crystallization and many other processes to obtain solutions of required concentrations. Also in refrigeration and cooling plants, evaporator is one of the important components. Use of multiple effect evaporator can can improve efficiency and energy consumption. Optimum number of evaporators can be determined by incremental cost analysis of added effects and corresponding savings. Fifth chapter contains these important aspects. It is followed by reviews on fuel cells. One of the most important factors that contribute to the cost of manufacturing sector is energy. Electricity and fossil fuels are most used energy resources. These sources are depleting day by day. The research in energy sector is concentrated on use of non conventional and novel energy sources. Also the efficient use of available energy is very important area of research. Fuel cells can be used for energy generation from biowaste and other materials.

Cogeneration and regeneration of heat is described in Seventhchapter. The growing human demands and urbanization along with rapid industrial development calls for efficient use of energy. The energy requirement is ever increasing. There is need to use the technologies and methods of heat exchange, manufacturing and chemical synthesis which consume minimum energy. The waste heat from flue gases and other hot streams can be utilized efficiently for preheating air or other process streams. The concept of regeneration and cogeneration can be applied to various refrigerator, heat exchanger and air conditioning system at domestic and industrial applications.Next chapter deals with leaching as it is one of the most important metal recovery operation.Minimization of waste material is important aspect of the modern growth and development initiatives. Plastic is used in various domestic and industrial applications. Use of plastic bags and bottles is very common. The disposal of plastic waste is major problem due to non biodegradable nature of plastic. The plastic can be used as feedstock for ethanol like products. It can be used for road construction and other construction related activities. Ninth chapter deals with waste plastic reuse and treatment. The last review in the book is about waste heat recovery on from hot gases. Efficient use of energy resources is one of the most sought after area of studies and research among energy and environment fields. The natural resources of fuel are depleting day by day. The use of renewable resources is considered as promising option. The recovery of waste heat from different thermal units such as boilers, internal combustion units, air conditioners etc. can save considerable amount of energy. Also it reduces thermal pollution.


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