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Galore International Journal of Applied Sciences and Humanities
ISSN (Print): 2456-8430
Vol. 1; Issue: 1; January-March 2017
Page Number: 1 - 80


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1. Client Satisfaction and It’s Determinants With Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) Services in Public Hospitals of West Wollega Zone, Ethiopia: A Cross Sectional Study.

Ashenafi Habtamu, Yibeltal Kifle, Yohannes Ejigu
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2. An Investigation on Factors affecting Breakthrough Curve for Low Cost Adsorbent.

Sunil Jayant Kulkarni
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3. Survey and Identification of Diseases on Major Crops of Assosa and Kamashi Zones, Ethiopia.

Minyahil Kebede, Assefa Gidesa
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4. Laboratory Scale Synthesis of Ethanol from Maize.

Ajitesh Yadav, Chirag Bolar
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5. Assessment of Physico-Chemical Properities of Surface Water, of Oji Town And its Adjoining Areas, Anambra Basin, Se. Nigeria for Irrigation Purpose.

M. O. Eyankware, B. O. Okoeguale, R. O. E Ulakpa
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6. Laboratory Scale Oil Extraction and Perfume Formulation from Locally Available Lemongrass Leaves.

Ronak R. Shetty, Prajwal K. Shetty, Ketan B. Bagade
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7. Experimental Synthesis of Ethanol from Sugar Cane Juice Molasses.

Nagnath Sargar, Vikram Kolhe, Mangesh Nale
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8. Organic Matter Reduction by Adsorption: Comparative Studies with an Investigation on Affecting Parameters and Isotherms.

Rupali Kulkarni
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9. The Impact of Leadership on Employee Motivation in Malaysian Telecommunication Sector.

Ali Orozi Sougui, Abdul Talib Bon, Mahamat Abdoulay Mahamat, Hussein Mohamed Hagi Hassan
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10. Efficacy of Laghusutashekhara Rasa Inamashayagata Vata: A Case Report.

Patil Arati S, Dnyaneshwar K Jadhav
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11. The Niche Marketing Strategy Constructs (Elements) and its Characteristics - A Review of the Relevant Literature.

Fazal Akbar, Dr Abdul Razak Bin Omar, Fazli Wadood, Rosmaini Bin Tasmin
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