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Updated on: 18.11.2016

Following research articles are accepted for publication for upcoming issue of International Journal of Research and Review

1. Mass Transfer with Tray tower and its Modeling: a Review.
2. Oil Extraction and Perfume Formulation from Plants: A Review.
3. Management of Pandu Vyadhi with Herbal combination with special reference to Rasavaha srotodshti.
4. Renorming of Banach spaces with MIP and MIP.
5. Photocatalytic decolorization of brilliant blue dye using Zinc oxide in the presence of sunlight.
6. Histopathological and direct immunofluorescence spectrum of vesiculobullous skin disorders.
7. Modified Tension Band Wiring in Medial Malleolus fractures- A Prospective study.
8. The largest risks facing the international banking system.
9. What caused the failure of lehman brothers? could it have been prevented? how? recommendations for going forward.
10. Study of the physico-chemical parameters of eutrophicated ponds before and after restoration.

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