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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: January-March | Volume: 2 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 10-14

A Pilot Study to Assess the Coping among First Year Students of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Course from a Selected College of Nursing, Bangalore

Jessy Jacob1, Dr. Punitha V. Ezhilarasu2

1Professor, Narayana Hrudayalaya College of Nursing, Bangalore.
2Consultant, Indian Nursing Council and Former Dean College of Nursing, Christian Medical College, Vellore.

Corresponding Author: Jessy Jacob


Beginning life at college naturally generates both excitement and anxiety for many reasons including the academic responsibilities and meeting new people. Students are expected to be more independent in a college. One may find that his or her fellow students are more motivated or instructors are more demanding. As a result of these new demands, it is common for college students to experience greater levels of stress related to academics. .The present study has been undertaken as a pilot study to assess the coping among first year nursing students with an intention to prepare a coping strategy later. The research approach used for the present study was quantitative. A descriptive research design was adopted for the study. The study was conducted among 20 first year students of Bachelor of Science in nursing course from a selected college in Bangalore. Subjects were selected by simple random sampling technique. The coping was assessed using a standardized tool called stress coping style inventory. The baseline characteristics of the subjects were assessed by a researcher prepared questionnaire. The analysis of baseline characteristics revealed that 80% of the subjects were female where as 20% were male. Third or more was the order of birth for 60% of the subjects. Monthly income of the family was <10,000 for 55% of the subjects. Regarding the education of parents 50% each belonged to the category of <10th standard and >10th standard. Regarding the type of family 60% of the subjects belonged to nuclear family. And 75% of the subjects took the decision to join the nursing course by self where as 25% of subjects joined to nursing course due to compulsion from parents or significant others .For 60% of subjects the reason for joining the nursing was service to mankind where as 40 % of subjects reported other interests like job opportunity, money and going abroad. Regarding the coping the Mean percentage of passive problem coping was the highest (77.33) with a Mean+ SD of 23.2+ 5.11 followed by active emotional coping with a mean percentage of 71.5 and a Mean+ SD of 28.6+ 3.77.The mean percentage of active problem was 70.16 with a Mean+ SD of 21.05 + 3.89 .The mean percentage of passive emotional coping (67.5) was the least with a Mean+ SD of 20.25+ 3.72

Keywords: Coping, nursing students, first year B.Sc nursing.

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