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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: May | Volume: 4 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 14-23

Effect of Arkapatra Swaras in the Management of Karnashool with Special Reference to Diffuse Otitis Externa

Dr. Pratibha Aklank Chougule1, Dr. Pravin R. Jagtap2

1Assistant Professor, 2Associate Professor,
In Shalakyatantra, Dr. J. J. Magdum Ayurved Medical College Jaysingpur

Corresponding Author: Dr. Pratibha Aklank Chougule


Ayurvedic literature regarding otalgia is mentioned in samhitas. Karna is the seat of shravanendriya, Karnashool is the separate disease entity according to Ayurved, but it is one of the symptoms according to modern otology. In present study an attempt has been made to work on diffuse otitis externa. Karnashoolhara yoga which is mentioned in Sharangadhara uttarakhanda 11/32, and Yogratnakar uttarakhanda is made by riped arkapatra extract (Swaras) as the arkapatra is vedansthapan, Shothahara, vrunhara. The drug used for control group having contents of oflaxacin3%, beclomethasone0.25%, Clotrimazole1%, lignocaine2%. In trial group 86.67%, patients got relief in control group 90%, patients got relief in all signs and symptoms. This analysis shows there was 3.33%, more belief in control group Patients which statistically insignificant. So, no significant difference in treatments of both groups.

Key words: Arkapatra Swaras, Karnashool, Diffuse Otitis Externa.

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