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Review Article

Year: 2017 | Month: February | Volume: 4 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 14-18

Investigation and Insight into Wood Preservation: A Summary

Sunil J. Kulkarni

Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Wood is the most abundant non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable natural material. The failure to control wood-destroying insects and fungi causes additional forest cutting. Wood preservation allows us to increase the service life of wood. Investigations by some researchers reveal that performance of wood preservation techniques can be changed by chemical modification of wood structure through the formation of adducts and the treatment with nano-materials. Compounds such as Acid Copper Chromate (ACC), Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ), is-(N-cyclohexyldiazeniumdioxy)-copper (Cu-HDO), Borates, Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA),Chromium, Copper Azole (CA),Creosote are used as wood preservatives. Environmental concerns and increasing energy demand calls for effective wood preservation methods.

Key words: Antifungal properties, natural, traditional preservatives, strength, decay.

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