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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: February | Volume: 4 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 1-4

To Assess Effect of Nidan Parivarjan in the Management of Padadari Vyadhi with Application Sarjaras Malahar

Vedashri A. Kalawade1, Priyanka S. Hanmane2

1MD Rog Nidan, 2MD Kayachikitsa,
Lecturer in Dr. J.J.Magdum Ayurved medical college, Jaysingpur. Tal:- Shirol, Dist:- Kolhapur.

Corresponding Author: Priyanka S. Hanmane


There is a lot of difference between today’s life style and ancient life style, hence the applications of ayurvedic principles must be modified and according to new diseases new principles should be searched. For that purpose we have to do research. In persons who are in the habit of too much walking on rough ground without footwear, vata gets increased producing fissures in the sole of feet, this is called Padadari. Padadari denotes uncleanliness of sole. Disease ‘Padadari’ makes the sole rough & hampers beauty & smoothness of foot. So if we know the etiological factors of Padadari we can avoid the disease by easy measures. Diseases of the skin have greater importance. As the world is developing, problems of pollution, improper diet pattern and lifestyle, various allergies etc. are also increasing rapidly. By avoiding specific causes, people can keep their skin healthy or it will help them to cure their skin. Sarjaras malahar is indicated for Agnidagdha Vrana Daha, Vrana, Dushta vrana Gudapaka,Arsha in samhitas.

Key words: Padadari, nidanparivarjan, Sarjaras malahar.

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