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Year: 2016 | Month: January | Volume: 3 | Issue: 1 | Pages: 104-105

Tracheobronchopathia Osteochondroplastica

Vishnukanth Govindaraj

Assistant Professor, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry-605006.


Tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica is a benign condition wherein there occur bony deposits in the tracheobronchial tree. Patients can present with symptoms similar to bronchial asthma. The diagnosis is usually suspected by a CT chest. Bronchoscopy confirms the diagnosis. There is no specific treatment for this condition.

Keywords: tracheobronchopathia osteochondroplastica, submucosal nodules, bronchoscopy, computed tomography.

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