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Review Article

Year: 2016 | Month: July | Volume: 3 | Issue: 7 | Pages: 41-44

Research and Studies on Cobalt Removal from Wastewater

Sunil J. Kulkarni

Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


Removal of heavy metals from wastewater can be carried out by using methods such as adsorption, biosorption, chemical precipitation, bioconversion, ion exchange and membrane separation. Nickel, cadmium, arsenic, zinc, lead, iron, mercury and cobalt are few heavy metals present in industrial wastewater. These metal ions can have various effects on biological cycle of living organisms. The need for effective method for removal of cobalt calls for studies on various methods and aspects of wastewater treatment for cobalt removal. The current review summarizes research and studies on cobalt removal from waste water.

Key words: Heavy metals, removal, adsorption, pH, concentration, time, isotherm, kinetics.

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