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Original Research Article

Year: 2016 | Month: May | Volume: 3 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 58-68

Factors That Hinder the Application of Active Learning Methods in Teaching Sport Science Students in the Case of Debre Markos University Sport Science Department

Samuel Lakew

Lecturer, Debre Berhan University, Ethiopia.


The Purpose of this study was to assess factors that affect active learning method in Debre Markos University specifically sport science department Students. This study was delimited only on second and third year students of Debre Markos Sport Science students. It is believed that inclusions of a large population size in the study could have a great value so as elicit more credible information. However, while the process of the research it was limited on a limited number of participants. The researchers included 50 students (from second 20 and third year 30) and 10 instructors of sport science department by using simple random sample techniques. An effective teaching method requires the use of different instructional methods and pedagogies to the difference individual needs of the learners. Active and teaching involves the use of different strategies which are helpful in maximizing opportunities for interaction. In this findings however, the study revealed that the majority (74%) of instructors employ lecture methods so frequently. Therefore, instructress use teacher cantered a method which is lecturing and the probability of students to interact/participate in different activities is low. The result of study revealed that the awareness instructors towards active learning and its contributions respond was found to be high. But there are numerous problems that tackle them to implement in classroom such as large class size, passiveness of students, lack of recently revised and updated books, lack of resources to fully implement furthermore, from this result it can be deduced that most of the instructors are still with an ideology of teacher cantered approach. To minimize these problems heads have to discuss with concerned body. It is advisable that continuous and extensive orientation should be offered to the instructors, on both theoretical and practical aspects of ALM, so as to enhance their awareness and gradually shift their tendency from teacher dominated to learners focused toward instructional approach.

Key words: Active learning, Method, class size, Role.

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