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Original Research Article

Year: 2016 | Month: May | Volume: 3 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 19-30

A Study on Product Consciousness on Cellular Service Users with Mention to College Students in Vadodara District

Dr. G. M. Purani

Associate Professor, Arts & Commerce College, Piparia, Vadodara.


This paper aims to assess the level of product consciousness and factors underlying on cellular service users with mention to under graduate students of Arts and Commerce College. Piparia, Vadodara District of Gujarat State as in this era of information explosion, people are to be provided very quick and timely access to information and cellular service providers can be proved as main drivers in India.
A structured survey questionnaire through email or in person to the commerce graduate student of Arts and Commerce College, Piparia, Vadodara District (250 valid respondents) who are availing services of public and private Cellular Service Provider (CSPs) private and public by considering confidence interval at 4, Confidence level at 0.05 with total population as 450. The variables considered for this study are: product consciousness, network coverage, promotional offers, service quality perception on dealers, schemes and offers, tariff rates, free calls/ SMS advertisements and communications including value added services. Factor analysis was done for data reduction as well as to assess inter-relationship among variables and a correlation main was constructed with a view to understand students towards different attributes on product consciousness. IBMSPSS was used for data analysis as a statistical tool.
The collected data discovers on having preference of respondents on network coverage as the most influential factor and considerable correlation ship among the variables considered for this study.
It indicates that network coverage and pricing factors have influence on brand preference among the under graduate students of Arts and Commerce College, Piparia. Vadodara District of Gujarat State Further research can be held with more samples by extending the area of research.

Key words: product consciousness, network coverage. Promotional offers, service quality perception on dealers.

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