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Year: 2016 | Month: March | Volume: 3 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 50-55

A Study to Find out Problems of Married Women Working in Unorganized Sectors

Anita Ranjan1, Alok Sood2

1Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetric & Gynaecology, Major SD Singh Medical College, Farrukhabad.
2Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedics, Major SD Singh Medical College, Farrukhabad.

Corresponding Author: Anita Ranjan


Background: Women's economic participation can be mentioned in the field of production of goods and services accounted in the national economic statistics. However, female work participation has always been low at 26% compared to 52% of men. The problem is that women has always been at work, only the definitions of work and work plans have never been defined or realistic to include their contribution to the economy and the society. Most of the women are found to be employed in agriculture activities and in the unorganised sector. This sector broadly corresponds to the household sector including private unincorporated enterprises. In rural areas, women work in the sectors of agriculture, plantations, fisheries, and poultry and dairy, in urban areas, they work for manufacturing units of garments and food processing, household related activities and so on.
Methodology: The present study was conducted by department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Major S.D. Singh Medical College, Farrukhabad. It was a cross sectional study among womens working in unorganized sectors of Farrukhabad city. The study was conducted from 1st January, 2014 to 31st December, 2014. The study population was married working women aged25-35 years who gave consent and were ready to participate in the study.
Results: Out of total 100 participants 47 belonged to age group 25-30 years and 53 belong to age group 31-35 years. Mean score of overall problem was found to be 34.63 with the SD of 6.52 which included maximum mean score of occupational problem (10.42). The mean score of problem towards family (8.19), health (8.73), social (10.29) and overall (37.31) were found to be more among the study subjects engaged moderate type of work as compare to heavy type of work. The mean scores of the problems towards family (10.75), health (9.75), social (11.88) and overall (42.00) were found to be more among study subjects working equal to and less than 6 hours as compared to study subjects working more than 6 hours.

Keywords: Married working women, unorganized Sector, agriculture, plantations, fisheries, and poultry.

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