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Original Research Article

Year: 2016 | Month: December | Volume: 3 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 40-49

The Feasibility of Economic Potential for the Improvement of Public Welfare in Indonesia-Malaysia Border in Entikong

Kardius Richi Yosada1, Ery Tri Djatmika Rudijanto Wahju Wardhana2, Budi Eko Soetjipto2, Hari Wahyono2

1Doctoral Program Student of Economics Education, State University of Malang, Indonesia.
2Faculty of Economics, State University of Malang, Indonesia.

Corresponding Author: Kardius Richi Yosada


This article is intended to determine the feasibility of the economic potential of Indonesia - Malaysia border in Entikong, which can be utilized for the improvement of public welfare, which consists of: (1) the potential of priority sites in Entikong sub-district; and (2) Mapping of the Superior Commodities. The approach used in this study is phenomenology qualitative with Existing Models, with research sites in the border area of Indonesia- Malaysia in Entikong Sub-district, Sanggau, and West Kalimantan Province. The analysis in this study employed interactive model. The results show: (1) The potentials of priority locations in Entikong sub-district consist of the existing potential, the forest potential, mining potential, as well as cultural and social potential; (2) Superior commodities in Entikong which can be mapped to the rank I is pepper, rank II is rubber, rank III is cocoa, rank IV is oil palm, and rank V is rice.

Key words:Feasibility of Economic Potential, Public Welfare, Border.

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