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Case Report

Year: 2016 | Month: December | Volume: 3 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 61-64

An Upsurge in Epidermal Cyst of the Breast: Three Common Benign Cases at Rare Site

Ujwala Maheswari1, Evith M. Pereira2, Abeer M Ilyas2, Reeta Dhar3, Kalyani Mahore2

1Professor, 2Resident, 3Professor & Head,
Dept. of Pathology, MGM Medical College & Hospital, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai 410209, Maharashtra, India.

Corresponding Author: Evith M. Pereira


An epidermoid cyst is a common benign condition usually found on the skin which is ectodermal in origin. Several synonyms exist for epidermoid cysts, including epidermal cyst, epidermal inclusion cyst (EIC), infundibular cyst and keratin cyst. EIC more specifically refers to implantation of epidermal elements into the dermis. Epidermal cyst of breast is an uncommon benign condition and is usually located in the skin layer. It refers to cysts resulting from the proliferation and implantation of epidermal elements within a circumscribed space in the dermis. These cysts are more common on the face, trunk, neck, extremities and scalp. The occurrence of epidermal cyst in the breast is rare. It presents as a small lump and needs to be differentiated from other non-neo plastic and neo plastic breast lesions. To date, fewer than50 cases of epidermal inclusion cysts of the breast have been reported in the English-language literature. [1-6] Diagnosis being forthright on histopathology for EIC that occur in the breast sub cutis as a small nodule, but enlarged cysts in the breast parenchyma require to be differentiated from malignant or benign tumors of the breast. In this article, three cases of epidermoid cyst of breast are presented.

Key words:Epidermoid cyst, Breast.

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