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Research Paper

Year: 2016 | Month: November | Volume: 3 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 59-68

The Effect of Using Total Physical Response Method on Teaching English Vocabulary: A Study in a Saudi College-Level Context

Abdulah M. A. Alhomaidan1, Auwad K. Alshammari2

1Arrass College of Technology.
2Hail College of Technology.

Corresponding Author: Abdulah M. A. Alhomaidan


The current study was carried out to investigate the effect of using the Total Physical Response method to teach English for specific purposes students at Arrass College of Technology; Saudi Arabia. It also investigates the effect of using this method on the productive and receptive abilities of the students. Part of this study investigates which is easier to learn nouns or verbs. The subjects of the study were 20 freshmen. They were divided into two groups; one to be taught using the Total Physical Response method and the other using the translation method. Data was collected using two immediate tests and two delayed tests for each group. The final results showed that the group who were taught using the Total Physical Response method outperformed the other group and that their ability in retaining more words receptively after a delayed period of time was significantly better than the translation method group. Finally, the study did not prove which is easier to recall verbs or nouns, as the result showed that there was no clear difference between the ability to recall verbs and the ability of recalling nouns.

Key words: Total physical response method, English for specific purposes, vocabulary, translation method, college of technology.

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