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Original Research Article

Year: 2016 | Month: November | Volume: 3 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 103-108

Modified Tension Band Wiring in Medial Malleolus Fractures: A Prospective Study

Dr. Krishna Badgire1, Dr. Gaurav Sharma1, Dr. Lokesh Naik2

1M.S. Orthopaedics, Clinical Associate, Department of Orthopaedics, Sir HN Reliance Hospital,Prarthana samaj, Girgaon-400004, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
2DNB Orthopaedics, Clinical Associate, Department of Orthopaedics, Sir HN Reliance Hospital, Prarthana samaj, Girgaon-400004, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Gaurav Sharma


Introduction: Ankle fractures are one of the commonest occurring injuries which if not adequately treated can lead to severe comorbidities. Various treatment options have been developed since decades for treating these fractures. The study was undertaken to assess the functional and clinic radiological outcome of tension band wiring in medial malleolus fractures.
Material and Methods: 51 cases of medial malleolus fracture treated with tension band wiring were included in the study between May 2010 and May 2011 at rural medical college, Loni.
Results: The mean age of the patient was 41.9 years. Right side was predominantly involved. The mean operative duration of time was 38.4 minutes. The average time duration of surgery from the time of injury was 5.1 days. The average time taken for the fracture radiological Union was 12.3 weeks. As per the Olerud and Molander ankle scoring system, there were 8 (15.5%) patients with excellent, 29 (56.8%) patients with good and 14 (27.4%) patients with fair results respectively.
Conclusion: Tension band wiring has been one of the time tested technique with excellent to good results requiring relatively cheaper implants which are available very easily.

Keywords: Medial malleolus, Tension band wiring, Ankle Fracture.

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