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Original Research Article

Year: 2016 | Month: November | Volume: 3 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 1-4

Management of Pandu Vyadhi with Herbal Combination with Special Reference to Rasavaha Srotodshti

Dr Priyanka Shamrao Hanmane

MD Kayachikitsa, Working as a Lecturer in Dr.J.J.Magdum Ayurved Medical College, Jaysingpur, Tal- Shirol, Dist- Kolhapur.


The disease of Pandu is explained in all ayurvedic classics with its etiopathogenesis and treatment. Rasavaha srotas is first to be involved in Pandu disease as Rasapradoshaj vikara where in due to aaharaj and viharaj karana, rasa dhatu utpatti hampered and becomes the basic factor in the manifestation of pandu disease. If rasa utpatti suppressed, rakta kshaya take place, resulting Alparaktata, Nissarta, Vaivarnya, Indriyashaithilya etc.So it become very clear that rasa pradushna is an inevitable development in manifestation of Pandu. All this indicates the necessity of research regarding Rasavaha srotas dushti vichar in the management of Pandu disease.In this context, I feel that Phalatrikadi kwatha is a very unique herbal combination from Ashtang Hridayam. The study design set for the present study was Simple randomized. Patients having lakshanas of Pandu vyadhi with rasavaha srtodusthi is mentioned in Ayurvedic classical texts were selected for the research work. Clinical data obtained from the study was analyzed with proper statistical methods and results are presented. Total 30 patients were selected. After completion of treatment with Phalatrikadi kwatha, it is noticed that the symptoms of Pandu vyadhi as well as Rasavaha srotovikruti are minimized.

Key words: Pandu vydhi, Rasavaha srotas, phalatrikadi kwatha.

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