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Original Research Article

Year: 2015 | Month: July | Volume: 2 | Issue: 7 | Pages: 450-454

Comparative Study on Health Status, Cardiovascular Efficiency and Visual Reaction Time between Active and Sedentary Young Women

Pintu Sil

Assistant Professor, State Institute of Physical Education for Women, Hastings House, Kolkata, India.


Exercises have beneficial effect on health and well being. Purpose of the study was to compare the health status of young women who have participated exercise and physical activities regularly with the young women who were sedentary in nature. A total of fifty subjects (N=50) have been selected randomly for the present study of which 25 were actively participated in regular exercise and 25 were sedentary in nature. The age of the subject was in between 21 to 30 years. Body weight, BMI, Cardio Vascular Efficiency and Reaction time were the criterion measured of the study. BMI was calculated by measuring height and weight with the universal equation [BMI=Weight (Kg)/Height (m) 2]. Queens College Teat was used to measure cardiovascular efficiency.  Visual Reaction Time (VRT) was measured by Nelson hand reaction test. Mean and Standard deviation were used as descriptive statistics and t-test was done to find out the difference between two group means. Only 0.05 level of significance was considered in this study. All calculation was done by standard statistical software. Result revealed that active young women have lower mean value of body weight and BMI than sedentary women. The mean difference of body weight (t=4.19) and BMI (t=4.02) between two groups of women was statistically significant (p<0.05). The mean value of CVE was higher in active women group than sedentary women and this difference of mean was statistically significant (t=2.75; p<0.05). The lower mean value of reaction time for active group than sedentary group represented their superior fitness status but the difference was not significant statistically (t=1.37; p>0.05). From the above findings it was concluded that active women have superior health status in respect of body weight, BMI and CVE. Lower value of reaction time also indicated that active women possessed higher fitness and they were healthier than sedentary young women. Findings proved that regular participation in exercise is much more helpful to attain better health in young women.

Key Words: Exercise effect, Health and Fitness, Young Women, Active and Sedentary.

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