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Short Communication

Year: 2015 | Month: June | Volume: 2 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 388-390

Importance of Point of Purchase in Advertising

Bijender Singh Chauhan

Associate Professor, Dept. of Applied Art, College of Art (Delhi University) 20-22, TilakMarg, New Delhi-110001.


Point of purchase is used as a collective term to describe a wide range of advertising devices. It consist of promotional materials situated in, on, or immediately adjacent to retail distribution points and is designed to build   traffic,  register advertising impressions, and help sell merchandise.
The ultimate purpose of most advertising is to persuade prospects to buy a particular product or service. Print and broadcast media help create a favourable attitude while the prospects are at home and electronic media, outdoor, and transit advertising follow when people go out. Finally, when the prospective buyer arrives in the marketplace, the moment of truth has arrived, the customer decide either to buy the advertiser’s brand or not to buy it. There is, however, one last chance to influence that decision: Point of Purchase (POP) advertising. As per research 65% purchasing in supermarket is based on impulse buying habit where point of purchase (POP) play important role.

Key Words: Advertising, Electronic Media, Marketplace, Point of Purchase, Promotional Materials, Retail.

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