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Original Research Article

Year: 2015 | Month: June | Volume: 2 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 311-323

The Contribution of Agriculture Finance in Boosting Agricultural Yield: A Case of Gakenke District of Rwanda

Ntegereze Peter

Email: ntegereze@gmail.com| Mobile Phone: (+250) 782 373 735
Kigali, Rwanda.


The agricultural sector is vital in economies of all countries all over the world, not only that agriculture sector provides food stuffs but also inputs to manufacturing sector and outputs to consumers and in all spheres at large. The agriculture sector contributes about 40% of worldwide employment and a 100% food production increase will be required in developing countries to feed the 2050 population, investment in agriculture sector is critical for driving global economic growth.
The aim of this paper: The aim of the research was to investigate the contribution of agriculture finance in boosting agricultural yield in Gakenke district of Rwanda.
Materials and methods: Data were collected using android mobile phone with application designed for data collection as the best quicker tool superior to paper based. A number of 66 respondents were selected proceeding snowball technique from two sectors of Gakenke district sampled by multistage sampling procedure with two stages, this method was employed due to it reduces cost and lessen the impossibility of getting list of respondents units.
Results: Findings revealed a positive relationship between agriculture finance and agricultural yield whereby analysis of data showed that after acquiring agriculture credits, agricultural yield was tripled compared to the production before acquiring credits to invest in agriculture activities.
Conclusion: In nutshell, as findings pointed out a positive relationship between agriculture finance and agricultural yield with a tremendous increase in agriculture yield than ever before investing in agriculture activities. The research recommended sensitization and encouragement to invest in agriculture activities to keep boosting agricultural yield and maintain welfare of farmers and nation at large.

Keywords: Agriculture finance, Agriculture yield, Boosting agricultural yield.

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