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Original Research Article

Year: 2015 | Month: May | Volume: 2 | Issue: 5 | Pages: 269-273

Recovery Period Of Skin Temperature Following An Exercise Bout Among Obese Normal And Lean Women

Pintu Sil

Assistant Professor,
State Institute of Physical Education for Women, Hastings House, Kolkata, India.


Humans regulate heat generation and preservation to maintain internal core body temperature. The human body regulates temperature by keeping a tight balance between heat gain and heat loss. During all types of exercise heat is produced as a bi-product of increased metabolism. The purposes of the study were to find out the maximum changes in skin temperature following an exercise bout and to study the recovery period of skin temperature after completing an exercise bout in three categories of women obese, normal and lean. A total of 13 young adult female within the age of 21-30 years were volunteered as subject for this study. Skin temperature was considered as criterion of the present study. Skin temperature was measured by Non-Contact Digital Thermometer. Standard stop watch was used for time specification. Step up and Down for five minutes was used as exercise protocol. All data for the present study was collected at average 25.210C temperature and 63.33% humidity. Multiple group design with three independent mean were considered for the present study. All calculations were done by the standard statistical procedure. Findings have revealed that resting skin temperature of all groups of subjects fall immediately after exercise. The fall of skin temperature immediate after exercise was found highest for G1 group and lowest for G3 group. The recovery period was found longest for G1 group (30 min) and shortest for G3 group (15min). Result clearly indicated that skin temperature fall immediately after exercise in all categories of women and recovery period of skin temperature was also different for women having different body fat amount in the specified environmental temperature and humidity.

Key words: Skin temperature, Recovery period, Exercise bout, Obese, Normal and Lean.

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