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Review Article

Year: 2015 | Month: February | Volume: 2 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 41-45

Chasmophytic Pteridophytes in Urumbikkara Hills of Idukki District, Kerala, India

Jikku Maria Joseph, Binu Thomas

PG Department of Botany, Deva Matha College, Kuravilangad, Kottayam - 686 633, Kerala, India.

Corresponding author: Binu Thomas


The present study highlights the information on 15 species of chasmophytic pteridophytes belonging to 11 families and 11 genera were distributed in the rocky cliffs and crevices of Urumbikkara hills of Idukki district, Kerala. This study also emphasizes certain medico and ornamental potentialities of these plants.

Key Words: Chasmophytes, Pteridophytes, Urumbikkara hills, Kerala

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