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Short Communication

Year: 2015 | Month: February | Volume: 2 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 35-40

Recent Advancement in Pesticide Formulations for User and Environment Friendly Pest Management

Dipak Kumar Hazra

Assistant Professor, AINP on Pesticide Residues, Department of Agricultural Chemicals, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Directorate of Research, Research Complex Building, Kalyani-741 235, Nadia, West Bengal, INDIA


Pesticides in developing countries of Asia and Pacific region are mainly available as dust, wettable powder, emulsifiable concentrates, solutions etc formulations for pest management. These formulations are regarded now as ‘conventional’/‘old’/‘classical’ or ‘traditional’ because of their characteristics i.e. dustiness or use of volatile organic components (VOCs) in preparation cause several problems. With the increasing awareness of people, there is a significant trends towards user and environment friendly new generation pesticide formulations. The developed world has progressed substantially in this area to develop eco-friendly formulations to meet the needs for operator as well as environmental safety or to improve the bio-efficacy and persistence of pesticides. These formulations would not only replace toxic, non-degradable inert ingredients/adjuvants of the conventional formulations but also increase the activity of the products through incorporating latest technologies like size reduction (Wettable Powder to Suspension Concentrate, Soluble Liquid to Microemulsion), increased coverage of applied surface area (Emusifiable Concentrates to ME formulations), reduced wastage (Dust/WP to Controlled Release Formulations) and dose rates to improve food and environment quality with minimum pesticide residues. Suspension Concentrates, Water Dispersible Granules, Emulsion in Water, Micro-emulsion, Combination Formulations, Effervescent Tablets, seed treatment formulations etc. are some of the formulation types that come under this category.

Key words: formulation, conventional, adjuvants, new generation, bio-efficacy

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