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Review Article

Year: 2015 | Month: December | Volume: 2 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 758-763

Production of Lactic Acid from Various Feed Stocks: A Review on Studies and Research

Sunil J. Kulkarni

Datta Meghe College of Engineering, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


In the present scenario of increasing population and advancements in technologies, reduction in the production cost has become important to the chemical manufacturing sector. The use of biological methods and application of biotechnology can be very effective way to produce some chemicals. Production of chemicals such as Lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, and ethanol can be done by using biological processes such as fermentation. The current review focuses on production of Lactic acid. Various investigators have carried out research by using different raw materials and bacteria. The present review summarizes research carried out by various investigators for production of Lactic acid by using various biological species and raw materials.

Key words: Biomass, concentration, raw material, nutrients, substrates.

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