Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd

Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Galore Knowledge Publication Private Limited

Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd. is a company registered by Govt. of India with main aim of dissemination of knowledge through publication of scientific research articles. Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd. provides platform for research scholars, scientists, professionals and people interested in research to publish scientific articles in multidisciplinary fields. This is the opportunity for researchers to express their innovative ideas, to widen their knowledge, to gather information and to know new trends in their respective streams.

GK Publication covers all the areas of research through its journals. We publish original research articles, short communications, review articles and case studies in all steams of science, technology, arts, commerce, management etc.

With joint efforts of our team members we are dedicated to rapid publication of scientific articles and research papers. We invite research scholars and professionals to publish their articles and share knowledge and information among themselves.

Published Articles of Our Journals

International Journal of Research and Review

An Evaluation of Affordable Housing Provision for the Urban Poor in Lafia Metropolis, Nigeria.

Attitude towards Violence among the Students of Mumbai: A Cross-Sectional Study.

A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Anorexia Nervosa among Adolescence Girls Studying in Selected Physiotherapy Colleges at Belagavi, Karnataka.

Nutrient Status in Relation to Organic Farming Practices; a Review.

A Review of Communication and Data Attacks in Mobile Network.

Factors Affecting Pump Performance- An Insight into Research and Investigation.

A Study on Waste Treating Technologies Used For Disinfecting the Bio-Medical Waste in Greater Mumbai.

Innovative Method of Dry Preservation of Animal, Bird Models in Lieu of Taxidermy.

Electrocardiographic Changes in Acute Cerebrovascular Accidents: An Observational Study.

Driving Factors for Participation in Domestic Work.

International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research

Effect of Cold Stimulation Induced Pain on Galvanic Skin Response in Medical Undergraduates of Kathmandu University School of medical Sciences (KUSMS).

An Insight into Research and Studies on Modeling and Simulation-Biological Treatment Methods for Wastewater.

A Cross-Sectional Survey to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Dyslexia among Teachers at Selected Schools, Punjab.

Assessment of Stress among Medical Undergraduate Students of Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital (NMCTH).

The KAP Study on Dengue among Community in Taman Salak Baiduri, Sepang, Selangor.

Case Study on Management of Madhumeha by I-Coffee.

Bioactivity of Textile Fabrics Impregnated with Crude Extract of Biden Pilosa Plant Species.

Effectiveness of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Inducing Sleep among Cancer Patients in Selected Hospitals of Pune City.

The KAP Study on TSE in Salak Tinggi, Sepang, Selangor.

Disinfection of Water: Review on Research towards Effective and Economical Alternatives.

Galore International Journal of Applied Sciences and Humanities

Customer Satisfaction Avenues in Retail Banking Related to Public Sector Banks of India.

Enabling Environmental Factors Operating Within the Value Chain of Malt Production: The Case of Asella Malt Factory, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia.

Graph Theory: Applications to Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

Effect of Agnikarma in the management of Gridhrasi - A Case study.

Characterizations of Rotundities of Normed Spaces by Means of Their D - Properties.

Laboratory Scale Oil Extraction and Perfume Formulation from Locally Available Lemongrass Leaves.

Experimental Synthesis of Ethanol from Sugar Cane Juice Molasses.

Organic Matter Reduction by Adsorption: Comparative Studies with an Investigation on Affecting Parameters and Isotherms.

The Impact of Leadership on Employee Motivation in Malaysian Telecommunication Sector.

Efficacy of Laghusutashekhara Rasa Inamashayagata Vata: A Case Report.

Galore Knowledge Publication Pvt. Ltd.